Our People

Raise walls on buildings, and tear them down between people.
In addition to being consummate students of the industry, our passions are people and process.

Breakdowns in process and communication lead to the vast majority of job failures. In order to prevent this, we’ve implemented a posted chart that provides a clear understanding of every goal and objective on a given job. Because of this simple arrangement, we can immediately identify and correct breakdowns in a timely manner, get new team members up to speed faster and hold each person accountable. In addition, once agreed upon, this chart essentially runs independently and objectively, serving only the ultimate goal of the job.

We excel in developing understanding internally, and with you. It’s a dynamic system that’s invisible to most of our clients.  But you’ll see the difference in the work. We don’t move forward until we’re all on the same page.

Robert N. Hoyt / Chief Executive Officer
Stephanie Hoyt / Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Jon Tobia / Project Manager
Taya Olague / Controller
Michael Peternel II / Project Engineer
Sara Partain / Purchasing and Logistics Coordinator
Joanne Stratton / Inspiration of Courage and Persistence