About Us

It’s a history of big names, bigger dreams, and personal accountability. Originally started in the year 2000 by Robert N. Hoyt and Debra J. Hoyt, "The Hoyt Corporation" expanded shortly thereafter into a bon-a-fide Contract Glazing firm.  The name was changed to "Division 8," a term specific to the construction industry, and widely recognized by Architects and General Contractors as the Construction Specification Institute section that defines glass, glazing and other building fenestration.

Although the principals served in leadership positions with some of the largest firms in the industry, the original concept was to start a contract glazing firm that would be small enough to play close attention to customer needs and product delivery, while at the same time generating enough volume to provide a comfortable living for all of its employees.  However, high customer satisfaction in the public bid arena was quickly identified by major general contractors and architects, and led to entry into the larger private/negotiated market.

Today, the portfolio is a balanced mix of prominent commercial projects through well known general contractors, and prominent public-bid contracts. Still, some of the most important core values haven’t changed: Personal assets still provide a large part of the collateral on bank and bonding lines- a rare and tangible symbol of personal accountability to our clients. We’re committed to managing the big picture and the smallest details, and growing wisely to accomplish both.