Capability and accountability.
Division 8’s business development and estimating department spends approximately 70% of its time focused on Design/Assist and Design/Build projects.  The process of developing construction documents (CDs) requires an investment of between 6 months and a year of dedicated teamwork and is one of the aspects of the business we enjoy the most.

We serve two primary roles in the process: Expert and advocate. One of our strongest points is being able to walk the line between what the architect accepts as structurally and aesthetically sound, and what the construction manager (CM) or contractor has promised the owner or developer based on their guaranteed maximum price (GMP).

By evaluating each of the primary stages of your project, we can maximize efficiencies and help you create a seamless project from start to finish. We accomplish this by bringing our experience in the three studies of architecture, contracting and development to the table.

Our understanding of the architect’s role is key to easing the request for information (RFI) process. Our establishment of appropriate project-specific systems and development of concise system specifications ensures that there will be no delay in the bidding to clarify the documents.
Value engineering (VE) consists of maintaining the architect’s intent by utilizing similar systems or changing the configuration of the façade to accommodate a more typical condition.  By doing this, the aesthetic intent is substantially maintained and the construction manager is afforded the ability to remain on track with their guaranteed maximum price.

Constant communication with each player in the process, combined with a complete understanding of how each part must work together, is key. We insist on total transparency.

As each phase of CDs come available, we check them for accuracy based on all the previous discussions during the design development (DD) phase. Very often, the architect is entering additional scope that has not been accounted for, therefore jeopardizing the GMP.  Our oversight prevents this and ensures all work through to 100% CDs, is money accounted for.

The entire process is a means to an end, and that day is bid day. You have our promise that your full interests are being looked after.