Stephanie Hoyt

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Stephanie's primary responsibilities include development of new business with emphasis on customer service. She is expert in the development of rough order of magnitude budgets as well as hard material take off and pricing for our new project bids. Stephanie’s attention to detail and her ability to visualize a project in 3 dimensions allows her to focus on assembly of a complete and competitive bid to our clients. Stephanie has a B.A. degree from San Diego State in Environmental Design and worked for 8 years in residential construction, designing and developing residential remodels and additions, prior to joining the Division 8 team in 2008.

Stephanie is a home grown girl, born and raised in San Diego. Stephanie’s spare time is filled with making a beautiful home, as well as enjoying her kids’ baseball and softball.

Stephanie knows her stuff, and she has the right stuff for Division 8.